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The first supplement in Australia to be formulated with 100% natural, patented PhytoflORAL®.


Hivita's uncompromising belief means you don't have to compromise on your family's health anymore.

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I have taken other Women’s Multi’s before, but never can I honestly say that after 3 weeks of taking it I had energy back again. Being a working Mum with a 2 year old keeps me busy and I can finally say I am now coping with the load… With a smile!


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Reduce cellulite and stretch marks with Hivita Luminius White

A recent study by IBR has shown that the unique ingredients in Hivita Luminus White Age Defy reduce stretch marks and cellulite while also hydrating the skin and increasing softness, suppleness and radiance. The study In order to prove the effects, a double blind clinical study was carried out on 24 women aged between 18

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Sneaky ways to get your kids to eat more vegetables!

When I became a mum I had every intention of being of one of those mums who only fed their child homemade, super healthy food. I judged parents giving their kids chips and nuggets and didn’t really believe parents when they made the claim that their kids wouldn’t eat veggies. Ha! As with many things

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5 tips for healthy ageing and menopause management

We all want to live a long, happy life so its important to hold on to our health for as long as we can. Here’s five proven methods to help you age well on the inside, and out: 1. Avoid too much sugar The ageing process can be accelerated by having higher than optimal blood

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