Don’t Skip Breakfast! Quick and Easy Ways to Fit in Breakfast When You’re Busy

Quick and Easy Ways to Fit in Breakfast When You're Busy

It’s not breaking news that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but it seems that many of are not listening. In fact, a Harvard study found that up to 30% of us are not eating breakfast. While it’s easy to preach the importance of breakfast the reality is that most of us are busy in the morning. We’ve got early meetings, trips to the gym and getting the kids ready for school – not to mention the school drop off! Some days just getting out of the door on time is an achievement and breakfast is way down the list of priorities.

If you’re like me and always find yourself skipping breakfast due to a busy schedule, then these tips should help.

5 quick and easy ways to fit in breakfast

Quick and Easy Ways to Fit in Breakfast When You're Busy!

1. Make Smoothies

A smoothie is a quick and easy way to get a healthy breakfast when you’re in a rush. To make it even quicker you can make up smoothie bags – zip lock bags full of your ingredients that are kept in the freezer. I like to use banana, berries, chai seeds and a dash of honey, but the flavour options are endless. Simply pull them out of the freezer, add your milk of choice and blend. If you don’t have time to drink one at home, pop it in a travel cup and take it with you.

2. Make an Omelette

Omelettes are another healthy breakfast that you can prepare in advance. Chop up your fillings the night before (you can normally do a few days at a time) and then in the morning all you need to do is crack your eggs, add your bag of ingredients and wait the 3 or 4 minutes for it to cook. Breakfast in under 5 minutes! Add a slice of wholemeal bread for a more substantial meal.

3. Make Breakfast Muffins

Muffins don’t have to be unhealthy and there are some great recipes around for breakfast muffins. Make these in bulk and freeze them and then you can grab one on the run as you rush out the door. We really like this recipe and it freezes really well.

Quick and Easy Ways to Fit in Breakfast When You're Busy!

4. Keep breakfast foods at work

If you know you are often arriving at work without breakfast, why not embrace this and be prepared. Stock your work fridge with bread, cereal or yoghurt so you’ve always got something to eat when you get there. Even if your workplace doesn’t provide much it can be worth investing in a cheap toaster or a blender so you can make smoothies at work. Ask around the office and I’m sure others will chip in!

5. Keep it simple

Yes, it’s nice to have a lovely breakfast but sometimes you have to go with the easiest option. A slice of toast of a tub of yoghurt or a breakfast bar is better than nothing. Having a simple fall back option helps to ensure that you’re not left without. Stock your fridge with a few individual tubs of yoghurt that you can grab on the way out or pop some toast in while you’re getting ready. Any breakfast is better than no breakfast.

While it seems like you’re too busy, with a little bit of pre-planning you should find eating breakfast possible even with the busiest of schedule. It’s worth it – you’ll have more energy, be less cranky and start the day on a positive note!

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