The Hivita Luminous White Skin Lightening Collection represents a remarkable advance in Australian health and beauty. The result of 10 years research and development, the new skincare system has been developed from a rare breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes rich in Phytoene and Phytofluene; Colourless carotenoids known to lighten and even skin tone by having a direct effect on skin pigmentation and protecting the skin from sun damage.

Made from a blend of patented, 100 percent natural ingredients, the skincare system has been clinically proven to decrease pigmentation, reverse sun damage, lighten age spots, reduce wrinkles and protect against pollution.

I have taken other Women’s Multi’s before, but never can I honestly say that after 3 weeks of taking it I had energy back again. Being a working Mum with a 2 year old keeps me busy and I can finally say I am now coping with the load… With a smile!



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